Weedon Bec, Daventry, Northampton, England

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George III and the Man from UNCLE

Based in Northamptonshire in the heart of England our studio is in a village near the old town of Daventry, Weedon Bec. Our country setting is also home to a Georgian Fort and the birth place of Mr Waverly, the Man from Uncle!

Here's an interesting segway, Leo Gratten Carroll played Alexander Waverly, boss of the spy Napoleon Solo. Weedon Bec also has to its name the fort mentioned above (actually it's known as the 'barracks') which was built to house King George III in the event of a Napoleonic invation. One way or another Napoleon seems to have left an impression here!

Northampton itself has a rich historical tradition, the first settlements date from 4000BC, at Briar Hill  circular earthworks were found dating from this period. 

Its occupation seems to have been constant since then, findings dated to 2000BC included arrow and axe heads. The first fortifications are found in nearby Hunsbury which was probably inhabited by Celts (Catuvellauni tribe), their evidence fades after the Roman invasion. Later, after the Romans left the area was ruled by the Danes, Daventry is also known as "Danetre" to this day!

By the 1200's Northampton, the county and the town itself was developing a reputation for skills. Trades and professions blossomed in particular. By the 20th century the town was best known for was (web sites LOL) Shoe Making!

The Georgan Fort at Weedon, Daventry, Northampton

Northamptonshire being so strategically important has also played its part in events that would change the whole of the British Isles, the site of the decisive Civil war battle at Naseby is near.

Guy Fawkes of the famous Gun-Powder Plot lived here.

Daventry played host to the feeing Royalists and the Napoleonic Fort here in Weedon Bec? This was still in use during World War II where the equipment for D-Day was stored in readiness.


Showing up on Radar...

There's more, nearby we have a monument to the first testing of British Radar prior to World War II conducted between Weedon Bec and Daventry.

Adaptation, a history of changes.

It would be nice to imagine the web sites we build will be here as long as the archaeological sites around Northampton, with the changes to the internet, mobile devices and the many new ways one can access information the history we live with has some important lessons. A willingness to adapt is how communities have thrived here. Embracing change may be the secret to long term success for colleges, schools and academies. Take advantage of business management systems and e-learning that can grow and develop to meet your needs, call us today: +(44) 01327 344410.

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