helping students learn and tutors teach

The internet has revolutionized education with distance learning.

Professional course developers now have a huge range of facilities available at relatively low costs to help your tutors reach their students more effectively.

Online courses and study materials are already considered 'classic' use of the web. Add to this the capabilities of video conferencing and network broadcasting to deliver new levels of support to widening catchment areas.

Colleges, schools and academies can grow very quickly, be more profitable and best of all, expect improved results from the students themselves.

For adult students distance learning is a terrific opportunity to explore new topics and improve their career choices. Attending a college is very difficult when you have a family to care for, with distance learning they can not only gain qualifications more economically but cost aside, it may not be possible at all for some to take part in adult learning otherwise. So then, schools, colleges and academies offering this are not only maximizing their own potential but that of a body of students that may simply not have the option otherwise.

Many institutions have found the introduction of distance learning has opened a popular and profitable new market with this facility becoming part of the core educational provision.

Self-study is a key factor with Distance Learning however it's quite normal to provide a support infrastructure with personnel assigned to monitor the student progress. For larger colleges this can be in the thousands so a management system is vital to care for and over-see the course-work services.

Delivering the media and developing the monitoring and statistical systems is extremely important to the success of an enterprise of this nature. For smaller schools and colleges even though there may be less students per course (i.e. than a university) it is even more critical to ensure the administrative burden is minimized.

Finding a solution that is maintainable and cost effective means our software designs and methods could help you reduce administrative burden, improve tutor integration within the systems and attract new students.

If you would like to explore the options of developing an educational system to support your institute please call us today on 01327 344410.

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