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Reflexology, Massage and Aroma therapies are growing in popularity.

As a therapist you may have many reasons why promoting your practice is important. The more people who know of your skills and the benefits you may be able to offer, the closer you are to fulfilling your ambitions be they to simply help your neighbours or to develop a sustainable business.

It is today normal for a governing body to endorse the view that having a 'web presence' is best practice for business development and the introduction of social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter have meant a new level of personal recommendation and referral is possible.

Even though a prominent position with social media is desirable since these are generally free to use your page there may not represent a discernible investment.

A major factor in business confidence and trust is the perceived level of investment.

How committed are you?

This is a question that your potential clientèle may ask, perhaps at a subconscious level. If this sounds unlikely please remember, much of what we see and hear in advertising is designed to motivate us at a subconscious level. Trust as a concept is simple but as a motivator proves to be a complex mixture of beliefs and personal experience.

Owning your own website independent of the social networks is a testament to your commitment and allows you to include content that is highly specific to your practice and location. It is a clear public statement that you are here to help and have spent time and money to bring your skills to the community.

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