Creating an online music theory website

day to day music theory

Here at Famous Websites® we have had great pleasure in helping DayToDayMusic develop the e-Learning website '' where students can register to learn a variety of musical grades in preparation for their theory examinations.

The courses were written in part by Christine Day, the originator of this exciting new music resource. Here at Famous Websites® we have helped DayToDayMusic convert Lectora coursework into modules which can be accessed via the website framework.

We've written a series of modules and utilities to apply course-level control over the access and display of the units. These also allow new students to enrol and pay for a course with virtually no administrative input. Music tutors have a business framework which means joining the DayToDayMusicTheory website not only adds to the facilities they can provide their students and adding value but also provides a revenue-stream they can adopt as part of their business model.

This website is nearly two thirds along its development plan and has already gained some prestigious recommendations.

Alan Haughton composer for the ABRSM

Mr Alan Haughton is a distinguished composer and creates work for the ABRSM for inclusion in examinations. We were delighted to hear Mr Haughton had visited DayToDayMusicTheory and commended its development so highly.

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